enduring freedom

Enduring Freedom

World's Smallest Memorial

nano enduring freedom iraqi freedom memorial

2344 Military Members

It's an entirely new way to remember the fallen and lasts for generations. Recovery is a matter of taking a high resolution photograph or use the online NanoBrowser™.

We invite you to be a custodian of history and preserve our country's legacy.

Enduring Freedom
Enduring Freedom

About NanoRosetta®

We believe in connecting generations and preserving legacies forever on a tiny format that lasts forever.

NanoRosetta is an innovative way to record stories in metal that lasts for thousands of years1 on a medallion the size of a dime. Pass it on for generations.

Photos and stories are nano-engraved on a shiny metal medallion and sealed with a crystal and easily retrieved with just light and optics.

All pendants and dog tags can be customized with engraved names on the back for that perfect unique gift.

NanoRosetta® is the high speed technology behind the nano-engraving process. The patented process creates 5 billion pixels image to make up a yearbook. This is five times larger than NASA’s largest image ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy.

To recover the images, we use a 20 Megapixel camera or a lab quality microscope. In the near future all the photos on the medallion will be easily recovered by a mobile phone.