Archival Data on a Dime

How is your most important data stored? Nothing physical is eternal, and the most common digital data storage systems today are not truly archival.

NanoRosetta patented high speed, high density NanoRosetta archival data storage system provides true eye-readable data storage for:

  • Government & Organizations: Permanently record data that will last 10,000s of years & withstand heat to 2,647 degrees F.
  • Businesses: Transfer hundreds of thousands of your most important documents to a durable nickel disk in days
  • Individuals: Wear a pendant containing the entire Bible or even your own photos and documents.

Technology & Jewelry is using our patented NanoRosetta® technology to preserve millions of bytes of your memories and data to last 300 lifetimes on a beautiful and meaningful medallion, coin, pendant or a collectible item – all on the size of a coin.


pendant and chain jewelry

NanoEngraving to Last 10,000 Years

NanoRosetta can archive over 81,000 pages of eye readable text or pictures on a one inch nickel disc 10,000 times faster than current focused ion beam technology for a duration of over 10,000 years.

This is a permanent, high density and fast replacement for aging technologies like microfilm which will typically last several hundred years. No longer will there be a need to migrate media once the archives have NanoRosetta’d.

The entire Wikipedia Encyclopedia can be captured on nickel in less than a month. Unlike high density microfilm, eye readable images are recorded on a nickel disc, readable with a microscope and indexed through a mapped matrix.

Learn more about our jewelrydata mastering, or explore custom applications.

Lasting Memories

Each of us has our life’s story. NanoRosetta® will preserve your sentiments, memories, photos, certificates – anything really, in a wearable medallion or pendant that will be both your personal treasure and your gift to future generations.

NanoRosetta® can be your personal keepsake or it could be the most unique gift you have ever given.

Nano Engraved to Last 300 Generations

Each medallion or pendant is human-eye readable. Content is laser-etched to one billionth of a meter onto a nickel surface, making your memories virtually disaster-proof. Nickel can withstand temperatures up to 2,651 degrees F.

A Viewer Zoom app comes with each medallion to zoom in on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.