Millenia Archival Media

At NanoRosetta® we’re not only scientists, but we’re also artists. We created this unique technology to connect humanity’s incredible stories to each individual’s own heart. We want to touch every one in some way, which is why we preserve stories of faith, science and technology, art and music, history, and memorials. We preserve the history and legacies of yesterday, powered by the technology of tomorrow. Humans have so many fascinating stories to tell. Let us at NanoRosetta® help you preserve and tell those stories forever.

We preserve legacies forever in a nano-format that can easily be stored, carried, or even worn.  Everyone has a story and collectively those stories make history and comprise a legacy for humanity.  We share those stories and find comfort in them.  We all have stories of our faith, our country, our heroes, our knowledge of math and science, our arts and music, our family and our love. 

At NanoRosetta® we want everyone to be able to find comfort and reassurance in their beliefs and support structure. They are what inspire us and allow us to overcome our challenges.  We strive to provide you with a meaningful reminder you can wear close to your heart while making the content as accessible as possible.

Our medallions are made from state of the art technology thousands of times faster and higher density than existing technologies. They are designed to withstand the wear of time and can be passed on for generations (1).  It's a keepsake and will be part of your heritage. Celebrate your story with a NanoRosetta® jewelry.

(1) As tested at Los Alamos Labs

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Nano US Constitution

NanoYearBook: Mendon HS, Medina HS, Medina Seniors 2015.

Memorials: Enduring Freedom, Vietnam Wall

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